ZocDoc Turns Five!


This past Tuesday, ZocDoc celebrated an incredible milestone: we turned five. Five may not seem like a huge number, but most startups aren’t lucky enough to hit that mark. When I think about how far our company has come in that time, the number is both thrilling and humbling.

Like most five-year-olds, we’re growing quickly. Very quickly. In the last year alone, our team has more than doubled. Several weeks ago, we outgrew a space that just recently seemed far too massive to house our New York team.

I’m proud to say that as we’ve grown, we’ve also been blowing past our own milestones. Last month, we entered our 20th market, followed quickly by our twenty-first. Our service area now covers over a third of the country’s population, and nearly two million people use ZocDoc every month.

For me personally, one of the best parts of “growing up” is seeing ZocDoc’s culture reborn. Our core value Great People was designed to ensure that we always recruited the best. Even so, there’s something amazing about watching people who joined us as interns and temps become leaders, and instill this value in their own teams.

In celebration of this momentous birthday and the progress we’ve made together, I want to thank our team for making ZocDoc the greatest effort I’ve ever been a part of. Most importantly, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the doctors, healthcare professionals, and (most of all) the wonderful patients who are helping us bring the world better access to healthcare. So here’s to the next five years. We’re just getting started.

Image: The Big 5, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from demandaj’s photostream.