ZocDoc Patient File: Stephen


Now and then we publish an interview with one of our many ZocDoc patients. If you’d like to be one of the patients profiled in this interview, just send us an email at patientfile@zocdoc.com.

How old are you? 29

What do you do? I’m collecting 1 million t-shirts (1MillionShirts.org) and helping behind the scenes with IWearYourShirt.com. I also do a little non-profit consulting.

How did you find out about ZocDoc? Read about it on Thrillist.com.

What is the longest you’ve waited in a doctor’s waiting room? 30 minutes

What do you think is the secret to a long (and happy) life? Do what you love. Life is too short to be miserable doing something that doesn’t make you happy.

Do you remember how you lost your first tooth? I’m a pretty clumsy guy. I’m a former gymnast, but that doesn’t mean I’m coordinated 100% of the time. If I remember correctly, I fell up the stairs, and I hit my chin on the way down. As I recall, it didn’t hurt too much.

Do you have any interesting scars? How did you get them? Oh yes. I have two scars on my lower right leg from a few summers ago. I was on a friend’s boat, and there was a waverunner attached to the back. The person riding the waverunner asked me to push them away from the boat, and I pushed a little too hard. I fell into the Potomac River, and my first thought when I hit the water was, “Oh my gosh! I’m going to grow a third eye!” As I swam back to the boat, my leg hit something relatively sharp. When I got back on the boat, I noticed I had been cut. I ended up having to go to the emergency room to get a tetanus shot. Most people haven’t heard about all the chemicals in the Potomac River, so I’m lucky to have not had any major infections.

What do you do to stay healthy? I run on a regular basis. Sometimes, you might even find me in the gym (talking on the phone or texting).

Would you make it through medical school? I have the attention span of a gnat… probably not.

What’s your favorite healthy food? Fried chicken is healthy, right? If not that, then a really large salad… with croutons and bacon bits. Those two ingredients are essential.

Did you ever fake being sick as a child? Yes. As I got older, my mom told me that she had a special way of knowing if I was sick or not. According to her, my eyes get lighter when I am sick. My eyes are normally hazel, but if I’m sick, they turn to a light green-ish color. So, while I tried to fake it, I was usually unsuccessful.

Have you ever saved someone’s life? I once saved an injured bird from being run over by oncoming traffic. Animals are people too!

Has anyone ever had to save your life? This one time at band camp (seriously), I passed out during practice and as I fell, I hit a mellophone with the back of my head. While not life-threatening, it was great knowing that people reacted quickly to make sure I was okay. I was apparently out for 2 minutes.

Finish this sentence: [KFC Doubledowns]…..keep the doctor away!