ZocDoc Patient File: Lauren

Now and then we publish an interview with one of our many ZocDoc patients. If you’d like to be one of the patients profiled in this interview, just send us an email at patientfile@zocdoc.com.

Name? Lauren

How old are you? 27

What do you do? Work in higher education and a side gig decorating custom cakes.

How did you find out about ZocDoc? Sublet from a gal who worked there. (I also met the CEO in the West Village, which was pretty cool.)

What is the longest you’ve waited in a doctor’s waiting room? About 35 minutes. Which I thought was odd until I realized that I showed up on the wrong day (this was pre-ZocDoc, of course!)

What do you think is the secret to a long (and happy) life? Make your own fun.

Do you remember how you lost your first tooth? Took a tumble down the stairs early on and knocked out my front two. Smooth!

Do you have any interesting scars? How did you get them? Too many; from athletic run-ins, lack of grace, and a poor (yet, fun) decision in college…

What do you do to stay healthy? Continue the excellent nutritional habits my parents instilled and train for long distance running and triathlons.

Would you make it through medical school? Nope – my college roommate was pre-med, and I would fall asleep well before she would finish studying.

What’s your favorite healthy food? Easy – blueberries!

Did you ever fake being sick as a child? Absolutely … but my mom never believed me.

Have you ever saved someone’s life? I gave my little bro the
Heimlich maneuver when he was choking on a lollipop. Not sure if it was needed, but that’s as close as I had to get (and as a former lifeguard, I’m happy with that report!)

Has anyone ever had to save your life? My dad almost had to dive in after I got myself caught in some crazy waves one night, but luckily I crashed onto the beach shortly after unintentionally scaring my parents.

Finish this sentence: [Not using ZocDoc] keeps the doctor away!