ZocDoc launches at TechCrunch 40

Today at 10:45 am PST our service went live at TechCrunch40, where ZocDoc was selected as one of the 40 hottest startups globally by Michael Arrington and his team. Not a small compliment, considering they have reviewed thousands of companies in the TechCrunch Blog (one of the top 3 tech blogs worldwide).Zoc-Doc-Launches-at-TechCrunch40

With ZocDoc, New Yorkers will now be able to find a dentist online and book an appointment instantly. ZocDoc can filter dentists by insurance & location and makes background information and patient reviews available. You can see Cyrus Massoumi and Oliver Kharraz, MD, our two co-founders, demonstrate the site at TechCrunch below.

We also had great comments from the discussion panel. Guy Kawasaki is probably slow in the adoption curve. He is more likely to ask Jason Calacanis for help than to use ZocDoc himself – but only for particular conditions. Please see his humorous exchange with our co-founder, Cyrus Massoumi:

But Esther Dyson thinks that we “solve a huge problem.” Hear her comments in detail:

Thanks also to the audience for their great response: they gave us the third-highest score in the TechCrunch40.ZocDoc-Launches-at-TechCrunch40-2