Who Are These Meddling Kids, And What Have They Done With The ZocDoc Staff?!


Last Friday, the ZocDoc office threw a Halloween party. Do we know how to get down? Yeah, we basically do. Want proof? We’ve got pictures.

In this episode, the gang tries to solve the mystery of how a particular ballerina met her grisly demise. And who’s that in the background? It’s the creeper! Compare:














LikeĀ  wow, Scoob. All that’s missing is the Mystery Machine!


But seriously, what’s the meaning of all this Halloween madness? It’s pretty simple. When you work at ZocDoc, you’re working hard every day to improve the health care system. But that’s not all. You’re also making friends and having a blast. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out our careers page and see if a job with ZocDoc is right for you.

(Did we mention our kitchen is stocked with Scooby Snacks?)