We're Here To Help (In Any Language)


Whether leading a meeting, chatting up a doctor on the phone, or just goofing around in the kitchen, we Operations Associates spend an extraordinary portion of our time listening and speaking. Language is our primary tool and we all love to use it – even though our team has been gathered from such an eclectic range of backgrounds. It might be the one thing we have in common.

My own love of language is a big part of what makes working in Operations so interesting, but I never imagined myself working at a tech start-up during my schooling. In keeping with my usual impulse to fight my problems with bigger problems, I chose to major in ancient Greek in college – a decision which I’d admittedly make all over again without hesitation.

Though I will admit that I’m still eagerly awaiting my first phone call in ancient Greek, our team receives no shortage of calls in a huge array of living languages. All these living languages with their living speakers share a need that the ancient Greeks no longer have: the need for healthcare.

Here at ZocDoc, where our mission is to improve access to healthcare, we’re seeing non-English speakers making appointments in ever-greater numbers. If our mission is going to continue to be such a success, we’re going to need help from great people who can make the ZocDoc voice heard in Swahili, Mandarin, German, and everything in between.

If you have a love of language and some knowledge too, chances are the Operations Team could use your help listening and speaking. Healthcare isn’t circumscribed by any one language, so you can bet ZocDoc doesn’t plan to be either.

Scott works in Operations and lives in New York City. He likes reading Euripides, Beer Fridays at ZocDoc, and playing kick the can. 

Image: greek statue, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Craig Sefton’s photostream.