Understanding The New Health Care Bill: Changes By 2011, Part 2


In March, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. In this ongoing series, we’ll discuss the new law and try to help you make sense of it. Here are a few more changes set to take place by the end of the year:

– Under the new law, community health centers will be strengthened and supported. A community health center is a locally owned, non-profit, health care provider. These centers are important to the medically under-served communities in which they’re often found. The government estimates that the construction and expansion of services at community health centers will help provide care to over 20 million new patients across the country,

– The new legislation will also strengthen rural health care providers across the country. Sixty-eight percent of medically under-served communities can be found in rural parts of the nation, and health care providers in these places have great difficulty in hiring and retaining medical professionals. (For a great article on how hospitals are wrestling with this phenomenon, check out this article on the Wall Street Journal health blog from earlier in the summer.) The new law will subsidize the work rural health care providers, to help them carry on their work and attract new doctors and nurses.

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