We’re Live In St. Louis!


From Hyde Park to West End and from Midtown to Boulevard Heights, there’s one thing every St. Louis resident has in common – and it’s not just a profound love of toasted ravioli. Every St. Louisan needs great healthcare.

The great news is that finding doctors in St. Louis just got simple. As of today, St. Louis residents hop on ZocDoc to find primary care doctors, dentists, eye doctors, and OB-GYNs, with more specialties on the way. (Bonus great news: unlike toasted ravioli, booking a checkup is something you and your doctor can agree on. Tweet this!)

From everyone at ZocDoc, we want to extend a gigantic thank you to the “Gateway to the West.” We’re honored to help bring you the great healthcare access you deserve.

Ready for ZocDoc to come to your town? Let us know!

Image: D5200_CM-247, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from MoDOT Photos’s photostream.