Peter Thiel Pays ZocDoc A Visit!


Remember the ZocDoc quarterly meeting? As usual, it was everything we hoped for and more. Among the day’s most exciting events was a presentation from one of ZocDoc’s amazing investors. Who are we talking about? Here’s a hint: if you Google “hedge fund Midas”, his Forbes bio is the first result. That’s right, the famous Peter Thiel attended our quarterly meeting! And we couldn’t have been more honored or more interested in what he had to say.

When Peter Thiel speaks, people pay attention. He isn’t just a published author, former chess master, or powerful angel investor known for his “audacious, futuristic” projects (Wired Magazine). He’s also the founder of an award-winning, multi-billion dollar global hedge fund (Clarium Capital), and the first person to invest in Facebook, back in 2004 – before anyone knew the kind of worldwide phenomenon it would become.

In fact, Peter Thiel has quite the knack for investing in dynamic little web startups with big ambitions. He was a co-founder and the CEO of PayPal, and an early investor in Yelp, Spacex, LinkedIn, and more. That’s another reason we were so excited when he and the Founders Fund chose to support ZocDoc earlier this year!

So what was it like to have Peter Thiel at our quarterly meeting?Awesome! He answered our questions, explained why he invested in ZocDoc, and shared with us his expectations for ZocDoc’s future. It was just the sort of talk we needed to tie together the meeting and inspire the whole staff. So believe us when we say that we’re honored to have the confidence of Peter Thiel. And as we continue to grow and improve our country’s healthcare system, we hope to prove that it’s well placed.