Nothing Can Replace the Human Touch


“The human piece of health care is something that can’t be quantified or politicized… Yet to the patient, it’s often the thing that makes the biggest difference. We need access to procedures and technologies, yes, but we also deserve to feel seen, listened to, and cared for…with empathy and imagination.”
— Joan Wickersham,
Putting the Human Touch in Health Care

We’ve got big ambitions here on the ZocDoc Service Team, and at the top of our list is transforming the way people think about customer service. One of the most exciting aspects of our work, in my opinion, is that we continually surprise people with our warmth, thoroughness, and genuine concern for their best interest. Sometimes it actually shocks people – and people should be shocked, aghast even, by the lack of personal care and general pleasantness that characterizes most customer service interactions these days.

Healthcare and technology are probably not the first industries that pop into your head when you try to imagine personalized customer service. The image of being put on hold by a big, bureaucratic company comes to mind. Not most folks’ definition of fun. And that’s why we’re revolutionizing the service status quo.

“So how are you surprising people?” you may ask. Well, we have some simple values that guide our daily interactions and one of them is our firm belief that nothing can replace the human touch.

We think of the doctors, office staff, and patients who call us as our friends, so we have a lot of fun while we’re helping people. We remember the little things: an office manager’s favorite baseball team, or a doctor’s daughter’s first birthday. We don’t just reply to an email with the answer, we might also send a LOLCat or an adorable baby picture to brighten someone’s day. While our warm and friendly ways might seem unusual compared to a typical company-consumer relationship, infusing our service with a human touch makes a huge impact on our patients’ and doctors’ happiness. Studies have even shown a relationship between cuddling and decreased stress, and while we’re not actually handing out hugs through the phone, we’re definitely striving to have the same calming, happiness-producing effect. We do it by being ourselves, not robots.

I like to think that a conversation with a member of our Service Team is like a Starbucks gift card to a broke coffee enthusiast whose payday is far away: an uplifting surprise in someone’s otherwise routine day. If you’ve never chatted with one of us, give us a ring and experience our personalized service for yourself!

Clory is a Senior Operations Associate at ZocDoc. She spends her day providing service and support at the enterprise level for large healthcare groups and is working to help build a new area of the Operations Team. She is an avid lover of the color purple. This includes the book, the movie, and the musical but it’s really all about the color itself. When she’s not working she’s searching for home decor and fall clothes…in her favorite hue of course.