Meet The ZocDoc Team: Jason H.


This post is part of a series of interviews with our very own team members. Learn a little more about what goes on at the ZocDoc office, the people who work there, and how you can join the team!

Today, we’re pleased to introduce Jason H., one of the rockstars from our Sales Team.

Howdy, Jason. How long have you worked at ZocDoc? Just since June. I used to work for a pharmaceutical company. Then I heard about this position from a friend, and the more I researched it, the more I fell in love with the idea of improving health care this way.

So what kind of work do you do? I work in sales. I’m an account executive.

And do you like your job? Oh yeah, working here is great. I love being able to offer this sort of win-win deal to people. You know, it’s amazing when you can really connect with someone, when they realize you have this great idea. It’s like you’re calling to say, “Listen, I’m here to make your life easier!”

What’s your favorite part of working for ZocDoc? Well, the benefits are endless. But at the end of the day, I take accountability for making sure doctors are successful. When doctors and patients let us know that we’re doing a great job, that’s definitely the most gratifying moment. They’re buying into what ZocDoc stands for. The catered lunches are pretty great, too.

What kind of people come to ZocDoc to work in Sales? Everybody is extremely intelligent and hands-on, so we learn a lot from each other. But it’s autonomous, too – you have this job, you take responsibility, work hard, and get it done. But we don’t even really think of it as a job, you know? It’s just something we do. We’re all very invested in working together, and in being a part of something great. There’s a real bond. And it’s playful – everyone knows a little about everyone else. It’s really a family atmosphere.

Hey, speaking of which – how’s the new office? It’s awesome. It’s definitely an upgrade. But to be honest, I have a little separation anxiety now that I’m not right next to my co-workers anymore. I used to be able to just look around and find them…now I’m going to have to do a lot more walking around. I better get some more comfortable shoes.

Thanks, Jason!