Great People: Jen A.


Hey there, universe – Akeem B. here, back for another interview with one of our ultra-unique Zoctopians! This week’s lovely lady is Jen A., Patient Operations Associate and 21st century flower child.

Akeem: You are just a starburst of energy. I am dying to know: how many cups of coffee does it take to stay like this all day?

Jen: None.

Akeem: Seriously? I think you’re the only one in a ten-mile radius who isn’t “on the bean.” How do you manage such a sunny disposition without a little caffeine fix? 

Jen: I rely heavily on the wonderful people I work with. Everyone is so lively, funny, and also supportive. They are what keeps me sane!

Akeem: Flattery will get you nowhere.

Jen: It’s also easy to be upbeat when my job at ZocDoc is helping people all day long. I spoke with a woman the other day who sounded as though the world was ending. She couldn’t find a doctor that took her insurance, and she called us nearly in tears. I helped her find a great practice where she could make an appointment. By the end of our conversation, she was so happy! It was awesome.

Akeem: Ah, that’ll do it. I have definitely noticed your knack for making friends with folks from all walks of life. I imagine that your ability to connect with people has to do with the fact that you’re a creative person – you moonlight as an actress and a cellist.

Jen: It absolutely does! Growing up an actor and a musician gave me the opportunity to meet and work with such a huge variety of people. Working in the theatre, playing and teaching music…it all infused me with a big dose of compassion and empathy for other people. Not to mention the ‘I can make people feel better and change the world’ complex all actors and musicians have. I think you know it well, Akeem.

Akeem: I certainly do. But you are particularly thoughtful and considerate. I bet as a kid you we were Miss Congeniality.

Jen: Absolutely not. I was a pain! Opinionated, know-it-all, singing and dancing all over the place, and reading everything I could get my hands on! My sympathies to my mother.

Akeem: Man, what was your mother feeding you?

Jen: Peanut butter.

Akeem: Jen’s keys to success: say no to coffee, aim to change the world, and eat peanut butter. Did I miss any ingredients in your life recipe?

Jen: I watch a lot of good movies and I run like I stole something.

Akeem: Well you’ve stolen my heart. Thanks for chatting, friend!

Akeem Baisden-Folkes is a member of the Patient Service Team at ZocDoc. He never thought he would be so passionate about health care, but here he is spending hours and hours getting patients in touch with doctors…and loving every moment of it!