Goldman Sachs Invests In ZocDoc


It’s been an exciting few months at ZocDoc. More than 700,000 patients use our service each month, and we’re offering more than 5.3 million available appointments with top medical professionals across 11 metropolitan areas. In other words, patients and doctors are telling us that they believe in the value of ZocDoc and its ability to improve access to healthcare.

We have seven core values here at ZocDoc, as seen in the photo, and chief among them is ‘Patients First.’ Above all, we want to make sure that we always prioritize the needs of the patient. Here are just a few quotes from patients who’ve written in to tell us about their experiences with ZocDoc:

– “After being chronically ill for quite a while and new to the area, a ZocDoc loving friend suggested that I give ZocDoc a try. I used the site to find the best doctors in the area in the fields I needed. I was also able to schedule appointments when I needed them and when they could fit my schedule. I didn’t have to make a ton of phone calls or blindly visit one doc to the next until I found a doc that suited my needs… I am actually able to start participating in life again. Thanks ZocDoc!”

– “Within 15 minutes I was able to book two appointments for myself that I had been putting off for a week. Now that I know it is this easy I will never be doing that again. I have already told my mother about it, and she told my brother who is deaf. He has set up his first doctor’s appointment by himself in a very long time.”

– “I love how I can make appointments without calling in to a doctor’s office. I have laryngitis right now and have lost my voice, so being able to make an appointment via ZocDoc is a lifesaver!”

It means so much to all of us at ZocDoc that we’re able to deliver a better experience to patients. We’ve worked for four years to perfect our service, and we feel that the time is right for us to expand rapidly. We need to grow as fast as we can, and bring better access to healthcare to more people!

To help us achieve this goal, Goldman Sachs, one of the most prestigious names in the finance world, has made an investment in the company, bringing the total Series C investment in ZocDoc to $75 million. We are now more confident than ever that we can scale ZocDoc rapidly without compromising any of the value and service that ZocDoc is known for.

True to our word, I want to say thank you to our patients first, and then to the wonderful doctors and healthcare professionals we work with every day. We also want to express our gratitude to Goldman Sachs, whose investment will make it possible to bring ZocDoc to more patients and healthcare professionals. We hope you’ll join us in this next chapter, as we expand ZocDoc across America.

– Cyrus Massoumi, ZocDoc CEO / Co-Founder

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