Finding A Doctor In Miami Just Got Easier


Want to see a doctor in South Florida? We have 120,000 appointments available, and we’re just getting started. ZocDoc is now live in Greater Miami!

The weather in our office is unseasonably nice today. Think 80 degrees with bright blue skies and palm trees. Our drinks may or may not have little umbrellas in them.

Seriously, ZocDoc is thrilled to launch in Greater Miami, and not just because we love the beach. Our friends in South Florida voted in droves for ZocDoc to come to the area, and we can’t turn down an invitation like that. We’re honored to help bring you the great healthcare you deserve.

Miami’s special to us for other reasons, too. Our CEO and founder, Cyrus Massoumi, was raised in South Florida, where his dad is a practicing orthopedic hand surgeon. That’s why our Miami launch isn’t just a next step. It’s a homecoming!

We’ve already seen some wonderful press coverage of our launch on ABC Palm Beach, and you can read the official press release for more information. And as always, don’t fret if we’re not in your city yet – we’ll be there soon!

Image: Miami, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from flavio.leone’s photostream.