Doctors: Too Legit To Quit?


Does going to medical school oblige you to practice medicine full time, even if you’d rather work fewer hours each week or take a couple years off? Anesthesiologist Dr. Karen Silbert thinks so, and she shared her argument in the New York Times Op-Ed page this weekend. Because the government funds training for medical residencies and admittance into medical programs is extremely limited and competitive, she argues that doctors who take too much time off are wasting taxpayer money and letting their patients down.

It’s a tricky question: getting the right balance between work and family is very personal and difficult, but we all want to see human resources used as best as they can be. However you feel about it, though, more doctors are working part time and taking time off – which is only going to increase the impact of the anticipated 150,000-doctor shortage by 2025 (note: doctor shortage ? short doctors).

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