December Produce: What’s In Season

Even though December temperatures are a far cry from those in spring and summer, this month boasts a wide selection of vegetables and fruits to bring out the hidden cook in anyone.


Do you really want a cold breakfast when it is cold outside? Trade in your bowl of cereal for these blueberry muffins. They are delicious, and a healthy way to start the morning. Bake the muffins the night before, and then grab one as you’re headed out the door.


chicken avocado salad sandwich is a great choice for those wishing to keep healthy during these winter months. Loaded with vegetables and prepared with light mayo, greek yogurt and chicken, this amazing creation is sure to keep you satisfied until the next meal.


If you’re looking to include more “green” on the plate, asparagus with almonds and yogurt dressing can take your culinary skills to the next level. If pizza is on the menu for the week, surprise your family with shaved asparagus pizza.


Given the number of fruits in season throughout the month of December, there are plenty of satisfying options for your sweet tooth. Perhaps you’re in a peachy-kind-of-mood. Delicious options to indulge your cravings include peach pie or a peach crumb bake.


Coffee and hot chocolate are always a great option when you’re trying to stay warm. But if you’re ready for something new try this hot buttered lemonade. It’s fast and easy to make – and will keep you warm and cuddly inside.

Image: Handy Blueberry, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from gabriele fontana’s photostream.