A Laser That Turns Brown Eyes Blue


Tired of being a brown-eyed girl (or boy)? Think you might prefer a pair of baby blues? Crank up the Van Morrison and read on.

Laguna Beach doctor Gregg Homer created a procedure that will permanently transform brown eyes into blue through a laser surgery lasting only seconds. Operating at a special frequency, the laser targets the color-producing cells in the eye so, after a few weeks, brown pigment dissipates to reveal blue underneath.

It’s important to note that there’s not much information regarding the procedure’s long term effects. NYU Eye specialist Robert Cyckiert said, “When you burn the brown pigment away with a laser, the debris that is created in the front of the eye – think of it as ashes resulting from burning anything – is likely to clog up the microscopic channels in the front of the eye, known as trabecular meshwork. [This] is very likely to cause a high pressure in the eye, known as glaucoma.”

The procedure isn’t available to the American public yet, but Homer estimates it will be in a couple of years or so. This will give us some time to think it all through: Once the surgery’s done, there’s no going back!

Image: David Bowie