5 Tips To Make Veggie-Eaters Out Of Your Kids


All too often, dinnertime with young children turns into “dinner and a show”. But how many times can you plead for “Three more bites”? Here are some suggestions to making dinnertime healthier and more enjoyable for all!

Try It Tuesdays
According to dietitian Kristy King, the idea behind Try It Tuesdays is to involve kids in the excitement of experimenting with new foods. Take your tyke to the grocery store and let her survey the produce section for something she’s never tried before.

It’s all in the appetizer
End dinnertime hunger strikes by catching kids when hunger strikes: Serve up an appetizer full of colorful sliced veggies, complete with hummus or a low-fat dipping sauce.

Change the lingo
The subliminal is half the battle – whoever came up with the name “asparagus” clearly didn’t know that. Mom and grandma Susan Risdal recommends giving veggies an appealing nickname. Her pick? “Hero buttons” instead of Brussels sprouts!

Let the kiddos cook
Try letting your tot do simple cooking tasks, like sprinkling some seasonings or stirring up a salad, to involve him in the preparation process. At dinnertime, he’ll want to try the fruits of his labor.

Lead by example
Do you coerce your kids into healthy eating, only to discreetly indulge your own sweet tooth? Don’t kid yourself – they’re watching! Find a way to enjoy veggies yourself and lead by example.

Image: Eat your greens, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Super tourist’s photostream.